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Signs of the Times

Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that the kingdom of God is near. -Luke 21:31

Before His birth, there were many waiting in anticipation for the coming of Christ. They were waiting for the fulfillment of prophecies. They likely would have recognized the signs, however, the Angels did not appear to scholars or theologians or keepers of the law – but to shepherds. They accepted the message of truth, just as it was, and accepted the call on their lives to spread the good news – we are also called to share the truth, to read the signs and prepare ourselves and others.

There is a 2002 movie called 'Signs' which is the story of a minister who has turned against God because of the tragic circumstances in his life: the accidental death of his wife, a career ending injury to his brother, a sickly child, and so much more that he doesn't understand. In the last 10 minutes of the movie, his realization that all these terrible things have, in fact, prepared him for a single moment, saves the lives of his family. The same type story appears in the Old Testament book of Esther. The same story may be culminating in your life. Be open to all that God sends you, so that you'll be ready to act when your moment materializes.

The signs are everywhere. Unfortunately, not the kind of signs that say “JESUS APPEARING HERE TODAY.” No, a sign of the times is not a neon marquee, a blinking beacon, or red “X” marking the spot on a calendar. The signs of Christ’s return are guide posts, reminders that we need to keep sharp, alert for His eminent return that is somewhere ahead, but not in view. Some signs have come and gone and come and gone, recurring events throughout the ages and even in the news today. The signs are not stops on a train schedule as we ride along to the end of the line, but rather, evidence that His return could come at any time, held off only by His grace and hope that none will be left behind.

So we embrace that the end is near, whether He comes to us or we go to Him, and that the cross is the only sign that will surely point us to our final destination. Accept yourself, the sign posts along your way, and enjoy the journey.

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